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The Netherlands
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By appointment only

MOTO Classics specializes in buying and selling classic and vintage motorcycles.

Willem Koppejan, the owner of MOTO Classics, fell in in love with motorcycles while het was sitting on the back seat of his father's Norton Dominator 88 during a visit to the TT in Assen. For the past 40 years he has been working in the motorcycle industry, acquiring an extensive knowledge of vintage and classic motorcycles.

Are you interested in buying one of the models on offer or do you have anything to sell? Please contact us by phone or visit us in The Netherlands (by appointment only).

1: Can you send me more pictures of a motorcycle?

Yes of course, we can always send you extra (and more detailed) pictures by email.

2: Can you send me a video of the motorcycle with the engine running?

Yes, this is possible. However, we will have to charge you for servicing the motorcycle in order to bring it to a running state. See also question 3 below.

3: Can I make a test drive?

This is possible, you can make an appointment by calling us directly. Do note that most of our items haven't been ridden for a long time and therefore, it will take some time to prepare them. The cost of preparing for a test drive will be between €200,- and €500,- (depending on the condition of the engine); however this amount will be subtracted from the sales price in case you decide to buy the motorcycle.

4: Will the motorcycle be delivered roadworthy?

Yes, in general we will make sure it is ready to run upon delivery. There are exceptions though, but in such cases you will be notified beforehand.

5: Can the motorcycle be shipped to me?

Yes. If you are unable to collect it yourself we can bring it you. Depending on your location, you might be charged for delivery costs. For more information, please contact us.

6: Do you give any guarantee?

Unfortunately we cannot do that for these kind of vintage motorcycles. We will give you an honest and adequate description of the motorcycle and we will do our best to deliver the item in the best condition possible.

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