Year 1952
Mileage 16568 km
Frame no. 527275
Engine no. 527275
Price Sold

BMW resumed motorcycle production in December 1948, starting with the R24 single-cylinder model. However, it took another year before a twin-cylinder motorcycle became available again. This twin-cylinder model was the R51/2, which was based on the pre-war R51, as its name suggests. The R51/2 brought several improvements, including a two-way damped front fork, a gearbox main-shaft damper, and a reinforced frame. In reality, the R51/2 served as a temporary solution to kickstart production while BMW was working on a more modern replacement. That replacement arrived in February 1951 as the R51/3. Despite its similar designation, the R51/3 featured an entirely new and sleeker-looking engine, incorporating a single gear-driven camshaft and a crankshaft-mounted generator, among other advanced features.

This R51/3 is in good condition and includes Dutch registration.