A10 Golden Flash

Year 1953
Mileage 145 km
Frame no. BA7S5316
Engine no. 3A103757
Price € 9990,-

In 1950, BSA introduced the A10 Golden Flash, a 650cc motorcycle with plunger spring suspension, following the earlier release of the A7 500cc Star Twin by three years. Painted in a striking metallic gold finish, the Golden Flash quickly gained popularity, with numerous units being exported, especially since new motorcycles in Britain were still subject to rationing. The 650cc pre-unit twin engine, distinct from its 500cc counterpart, was developed by a different design team, with notable contributions from the accomplished designer Bert Hopwood, who had previously played a key role in the success of Norton's twin-cylinder Dominator. As the availability of the A10 improved in the UK, it became the preferred twin-cylinder choice for sidecar enthusiasts, thanks to its impressive torque. Starting from 1953, BSA equipped A10 models with their new swing-arm chassis, renowned for its excellent handling, second only to Norton's famous Featherbed chassis.

This particular A10 was bought by the previous owner in 1967 and restored in 1998. It hasn't been used much since then. In absolute mint condition.