P108 250cc

Year 1928
Mileage Unknown
Frame no. 94175
Engine no. 94175
Price Sold

Griffon is one of the oldest French makes and was just one of a mighty army of small French manufacturers battling for a share of the burgeoning motorcycle market. Their early models were essentially bicycles fitted with proprietary engines, however by 1903 they displayed no less than ten models at the Paris Show. Just one year later they boasted that one of their machines achieved a remarkable 65mph. Like so many other smaller manufacturers Griffon was swallowed up by the mighty Peugeot operation in the 1920s.

This Griffon is essentially the same as the the Peugeot P108 with some minor differences, such as the position of the gear shift lever and the type of dynamo. The machine has been beautifully restored and runs properly.